About Me


My Name is Marlize, and I have a great passion for animals, sweet things, music and most of all makeup.

As a child I would always look at my mom, admiring the way she “paints” her face, and I always requested that she’d also apply some of that royal blue eyeliner to my waterline. That is where it all began.

I was sixteen when I started experimenting with makeup. We were not allowed to wear any for school, so I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come, so I could play around with what I had. I remember my mom bought me fortnight books at a bookstore and every edition had a makeup item, and the book was filled with makeup information. I learned so much. I wouldn’t say that my makeup was perfect, but I never stopped practicing.

At the age of 21 I discovered the amazing world on its own called YouTube. And what I found was loads and loads of makeup videos and tutorials teaching you how to apply makeup, how to create different looks and also giving you tips and tricks with regards to anything beauty related. I was amazed and so captured by the talent and the availability for all these videos that I was instantly hooked.

I always dreamed about starting my own YouTube channel, but never had the guts to film myself, and even after filming tons of videos I never uploaded them because I wanted my videos to be good quality and also very informative.

So eventually I started my makeup channel called Kandy Kane Makeup on YouTube in 2013. And I am thrilled with the feedback and the growth it has shown since then.

I have done so many things in life, but with everything accomplished, my objective was to always inspire women and make them feel good about themselves. Having a YouTube channel is like having a direct line to communicate with the individual directly while she is watching my video. Not only in South Africa, but worldwide. And I am very thankful for the opportunity and the blessings.

I hope that you enjoy your experience here on my website and my YouTube Channel. I also just want to thank you directly for your support and I am sure you are going to fall in love with doing makeup every day, just like me.

Thank you once again for visiting.

And then I will talk to you soon :-)