Benefit SA Launches 13 NEW Eyebrow Products & GIVEAWAY (closed)

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Guys. Let me just tell you. When I found out all my favourite Beauty Youtubers got flown to Las Vegas for the ultimate launch of of the year, I found myself constantly updating my snap chat (@kandykanemakeup) feed to see everyone’s launch snaps. I could not wait for it to launch here in SA. Since my clients call me the brow queen, you can just imagine how obsessed I am with brow products. I am also a huge #BeneBabe, so when those two had a few babies, I was getting myself ready to adopt!

All though I wasn’t as lucky to be invited to the launch which happened yesterday. I still felt so eager to get this post up for you guys, so I did a lot of research and asked questions to put this post together. Eeeeek, I’m so excited. South Africa needs great brow super heros, and Benefit has come to our rescue with 13 NEW Eyebrow products!


And guess what… You can go buy them online, right now! Yep. They are exclusively available online at RedSquare. If you purchase 3 full sized Benefit products between now and the 15th of July, you also receive a free Benefit Tote bag and 3 Brow samples. Score! I woke up at 1am this morning just to make sure I get my order in because it will only be launching in stores on the 15th of August.

You know that you will be getting your money’s worth when purchasing any of these brow products since Benefit spent three years developing the range. Their focus was not just to excite makeup junkies like me, but to also make it easy for the every day consumer to become “their own brow expert”. They looked into every brow dilemma possible to come up with a product to target and solve your bad brow days. Apart from the fact that Benefit has more than 1800 BrowBar Beauty Lounges across the world, they already have several best-selling brow products. So you can only imagine how good this range is going to be.

Here is a little breakdown of the products you can purchase online:

1. 3D Browtones
3D BrowtonesR335

subtle brow-enhancing highlights

• instant brow highlights
• mess-proof application
• water-resistant, 12-hour wear








2. Gimme Brow

gimme brow


a brow,volumising fibre gel

• volumizes, tames & tints
• water-resistant & long-wearing
• 94% said brows looked visibly thicker




01 Light

03 Medium

05 Deep





3. Ready, Set, Brow!



24hr invisible shaping & setting gel for brows

• Invisible-finish
• Strong, flexible hold
• 100% said it controlled brow hairs


Shade : Clear Gel






4. Browvo! Conditioning Primer



a nutrient rich primer for fuller-looking brows

• all-in-one eyebrow serum
• clear gel suits all brows
• custom soft-touch applicator

Shade: Clear Gel





5. Brow Zings



a total taming and shaping kit for brows

soft, pigmented eyebrow shaping wax
• natural-shaded setting powder
• 12-hour wear

Shades: 01 Light – 06 Deep



6. Goof Proof Brow Pencil



a super easy brow-filling and shaping pencil

• 12-hour waterproof formula
• 95% said it was easy to fill & shape brows
• 94% said it gives beautiful brows on the first try


01 Light – 06 Deep






7. Precisely, My Brow Pencil



an ultra-fine brow defining pencil

• twist-up, non-sharpen tip
• built-in spoolie-brush
• waterproof eyebrow pencil


01 Light – 06 Deep







8. Ka-Brow!



a cream-gel brow color with brush

• builds from natural-looking to dramatic
• cream-gel color
• 24 hour waterproof wear


01 Light – 06 Deep



9. High Brow Glow

high brow glow


a luminous brow highlighting pencil

• brow bone highlighter pencil
• NEW smooth, blendable formula
• luminous finish

Shade: Luminous





10. High brow



a creamy brow highlighting pencil

• visibly lifts brows
• NEW creamy, blendable formula
• natural-looking, matte finish

Shade: matte





11. Sharpener (R75)  12. Defining & Blending Tool (R285) & 13. Tweezing and Taming Tool (R285)



I’m sure it’s a bit overwhelming looking at all these great brow products, which one are you most interested in? Let me know in the comment section down below.

I also plan on filming a good updated brow tutorial as soon as that couriers comes knocking on my door. Bye-bye bad brows. Hello Brow-mance!

But wait! There is more! In celebration of the new range, I ordered a full size Ready, Set, Brow! to give away to one of my lucky readers!!!!! YAY!!!!! :) You can enter below, each step gives you a few extra entries to increase your chance of winning! Remember entries will be checked 😉


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Kandy Kane

95 thoughts on “Benefit SA Launches 13 NEW Eyebrow Products & GIVEAWAY (closed)

  1. Nisa says:

    Thanks for the update Marlize. Which products do you recommend? I’d like to order but it’s so overwhelming. I’ll get one of the sets (the one with Ka-brow, Ready set brow and the high brow pencil) but I’m not sure what other two products to choose to get the free gift.
    Nisa xoxox

    • Kandy Kane says:

      Hi girl.. first of all thanks for coming here to read my post. then… The top 3 products on my list is Gimme Brow (with the fibres.) oh my goodness. I saw the demo online and it looks fantastic!!!!! It just build a brow out of no where… insane! Haha , then I quite like the precisely pencil, to draw little hairs in where needed. and last I would def say the Ka Brow… I love pomades, and its so quick to work with, plus the cool little brush you get with it is awesome for travelling purposes :) Let me know which ones you get x

  2. Abigail Moodley says:

    IHi Kandy

    For years I am struggling to get my eyebrows right, even considered getting it tattood lol, at this moment its uneven so I have to use make up to make it look the same,
    This kit will surely help me in so many ways

  3. Lucia says:

    I’ve always wanted to own anything-Benefit Cosmetics! I’m absolutely passionate about makeup; and wanted to start a YouTube Channel/Blog for a long time, but never get to it… I’m thinking about experimenting more with products before I start – what is your advice?
    I love your videos soooo much and I’m so excited that I found a South African YouTuber!!! ❤️

  4. Marcell van Rensburg says:

    These products look absolutely amazing! Especially love the Brow Zing! Can’t waiti to see your updated brow tutorial <3

  5. Velani Venter says:

    Gurrrrrlllll,my brow game is weak! And my eyebrows are the only thing that could get in shape without going to the gym…
    This is an amazing opportunity, Good luck to everyone and thanks for the great youtube channel.

  6. Tasma says:

    Will be waiting on your brow update ..need to give my brows a good shaping ,waxing and tinting as my brows looks terrible .Would love to hear about ur brow routine from start to finish how you shape them and do you recommend tinting and ur thoughts on the best/healthy ways to keep brow on point with one or two tips.U not only the brow queen but the queen of makeup.Amazing products.

  7. Melanie Pretorius says:

    All these new products are so overwhelming! Coming from someone who’s still struggling to master the brow kit fyi 😉 I have naturally thick brows but it’s patchy at the arch so I generally just use a pencil to fill it in and shape it. When I do, it either ends up looking too thick i.e. fake or there’s no visible difference at all! I need help :(

  8. Tanita says:

    I’ve been subscribed to you for sooo long and this might just be THE most exciting news! Can’t wait for my brows to be as perfect as they can be! You’re a true inspiration to us South African girls, keep being you! 🙋🏻

  9. Nadine says:

    OMG i saw the launch online and i was like my life has changed!!! Cant wait to try all the new products for someone like me who has full brows its hard to keep under control!!

  10. Yolandi says:

    OMW I’ve been waiting for these to arrive!! It always helps to read a few reviews before “adopting”. Thanks for the trustwothy advice!

  11. Simone Cameron says:

    Oh my word…my poor brows😢 I have the most unruly brows ever…I always say if there was a ghd for brows…I’d own one. Or they need to make one just for me😂😂 I can’t wait to try some of these products.

    Awesome giveaway!

  12. Simone Cameron says:

    I’ve alway said…They need to create a ghd for brows…just for me. Lol. My brows are so unruly…there will be one brow that hangs low no matter what I use. Can’t wait to try these products.

    Awesome giveaway!

  13. Bianca Balutto says:

    All these new products look amazing! My brow dilemma… I have gaps that I have to fill in all the time so could really use these:)

  14. Bianca Balutto says:

    All these new products look amazing! My brow dilemma. . . I have gaps that I have to fill in all the time so I could really use these :)

  15. Leanne Cherry says:

    I’m battling with my brows , so this kit would be a lifesaver ! Have never tried any of Benefits products and have heard such good things on Benefit so holding thumbs I stand a chance 😊 #BenefitBrows

  16. Leanne Cherry says:

    I’m battling with my brows , so this kit would be a lifesaver ! Have never tried any of Benefits products and have heard such good things on Benefit so holding thumbs I stand a chance 😊 #BenefitBrows

  17. Megan Hartwig says:

    I don’t know where to start with mine! They’re pretty thick and grow at super speed (which is great) but they do not behave! I start off the day and they look fine, but halfway through they look unruly and as if I didn’t do them at all..I’ve tried pencils and some brow mascaras to keep them in check but nothing seems to tame them! Please help!!!!

  18. Talitha says:

    My brow dilemma is that I have an OBSESSION with my eyebrows being ‘on fleek’.
    I believe that if your eyebrows are in a good shape and condition, then it just compliments your make up completely. You can’t have this neat and polished look with eyebrows that are untidy!
    Therefore, I like to make sure my eyebrows are always ‘on fleek’ and are neat, and tidy! <3

  19. Megan Knights says:

    I have been obsessed with Benefit Cosmetics for the longest time but they are so frikken pricey, i never get around to spoiling myself. I would absolutely love to win this giveaway. I honestly believe that brows are the most important feature on your face & what better way to groom them, than with the new brow products from Benefit! Absolutely Obsessed with these beauties!! <3

  20. Megan Kelly says:

    This is such an informative post thanks girl!! Love that you let us in on all the dates and pricing! Thanks for your hard work at bringing us all the new products!!💜

  21. Roxanne Chutthergoon says:

    My brows never grow back evenly, they always go off=shape and I always have to use a scissor to snip to square bits off!

  22. Cirsten Van Den Heuvel says:

    This looks awesome. I have paper thin eyebrows. Wish I was born with lovely gorgeous high arched eyebrows. Drawing them on takes time and with a 7 month old baby I don’t have much time on my hands

  23. Nooreen Agherdien says:

    My struggle is my barely there brows I’m always struggling to get them looking darker and getting the right shape to suit my face and not looking like I’ve over done it.

    Fingerscrossed Would love to win :) its my Birthday on the 9th July :)

  24. Nooreen Agherdien says:

    My struggle is my barely there brows I’m always struggling to get them looking darker and getting the right shape to suit my face and not looking like I’ve over done it.

    Fingerscrossed Would love to win :) its my Birthday on the 9th July :)

  25. Carmen van Leeve says:

    All these brow products look absolutely amazing!
    Taming! yes I need it
    Filling! yes I need it.
    Who would have thought of a conditioning primer – wow this sounds good.
    Sounds just right to tame my eyebrow hairs, shape them and keep them in place – all day – they tend to start moving around by mid-day 😉

    I would definitely like to try the brow tones, conditioning primer, cream-gel brow colour to fill, pencil with double end – yes just what is needed 😉

  26. Shani says:

    I have always threaded my eyebrows excessively every 2 weeks. Up until i decided to grow them out fully last year. I have not threaded or tweezed in almost a year now – all so that i could grow out full and thick eyebrows. Of course my eyebrows have a mind of their own and have been super slow in growing out :( So i have been filling them in with eyebrow pencils. Havent found a good quality one yet as the pencil sometimes run down to my eyelids :( Would love to try these products out to up my eyebrow game!

  27. Caitlin says:

    When you’ve never done your brows before!! 😵😂.. & Yes I have too much hair by my eyebrows and yes I’m too scared to get them done .. 😂😥 buuut maybe this is motivation 😋😉👍 I need to get them done!!! Thanks for the great videos and your blog is great❤

  28. Cherice says:

    Entered 😬 I’m so keen to try “Gimme Brow”. I’m obsessed with cosmetics but I haven’t started experimenting with my brows yet, I think this would be a great start. What’s not to love about Benefit? 😍

  29. barbie.chaune says:

    So beyond excited!!!
    I cant even describe, whoop whoop!!!
    Thank you so much babe for the blog post and the giveaway.
    if i dont ge the chance to win im def buying asap! xxx

  30. Roxanne Appleby says:

    Brows were never much of a big deal for me, until products like these began to pop up and the beauty community placed emphasis on the difference that good brows can make to the face! I have not yet mastered the brow game (especially when they refuse to look the same, or even similar!). I would love to get my hands on these to up my game.

    Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how amazing this giveaway actually is? Thank you for the lovely blog post and super exciting giveaway!

  31. Kayleigh says:

    I’d like to think my brows are in quite good shape but hay you can never have brows that are “too good” 😉 #browsarenipplesoftheface #cantgoanywherewithoutmybrows

  32. Joslyn Christie says:

    Amazing products! I live in an area where we don’t have easy access to good beauty products, so glad we can order online! Brows are so important. Lately I have been debating as to which brow product I should buy. I am a huge MAC fan so I tend to be a little one-sided. I would love to try this product by Benefit.

  33. Amanda says:

    I defs needs the tgis little giveaway in my life!!!! Eeeekkk too excited to see who won. Love love love all you blog post!!! 《KandyKaneFan》♡♡♡♡

  34. Amanda says:

    I defs need this giveaway in my life! Eeeeekkk to excited to see who wins!!! 《KandyKaneFan 》 ♡♡♡♡

  35. Andrika says:

    Entered! ✔️

    Now I am just holding thumbs that I win this as my Gimme Brow is VERY low and that is my secret to having my brows ON FLEEK! 👌🏻

    Kandy Kane you are such an inspiration! Keep on doing what you are doing girl! Wish I could come to one of your makeup classes BUT I am situated in Cape Town! 👎🏻 Maybe one day😉

  36. Amanda says:

    I defs need this giveaway in my life! Eeeeekkk to excited to see who wins!!! 《KandyKaneFan 》 ♡♡♡♡

    Love all your blog posts

  37. Chanelle Wilcox says:

    I must say…. I dont normally follow tutorials, but Girl……Yours ROCK!!!!! so easy to follow. Just need some major help with my brows. Not only are they uneven, but they are also majorly light. And since I’m allergic to dyes I am really struggling to get that perfect brow look. Please help!!!

  38. Shantel Govender says:

    There was a time that I was preparing for a wedding , when I waxed out half my eyebrow which looks so hideous as I covered it with an eye liner .

  39. Aimée De Jager says:

    I really need something that will fill my patches in my brows😁 Will one of these products work?
    Thank you🌸

  40. Dennal says:

    Awesome products.. my brows are really uneven so this would help me a ton. Good brows frame your face – need this to up my ‘brow game’

  41. Saskia says:

    All your clients are right! You are the queen of brows :) Thank you so much for breaking everything down in this post, it makes it so much easier for when I decide on getting some of the products for my out of control brows – once I saved enough 😉

  42. Tanusta Jainarain says:

    Im losin not only my hair but my eyebrows as well , i hav spaces in my eyebrows,this realy upsets me i dnt feel normal and takes me forever to do my thinning hair

  43. Dashania says:

    I have always admired benefit cosmetics however the pricing is killer. I would love to own one of these awesome products. Eeeeeeeeeeeppppp. I feel like my brows will thank me as they need a pick me up to look gorgeous.

  44. Jackie K says:

    My brows are pitch black and used to be nice and thick, then I over plucked them and they look so bad now :)

  45. Viné says:

    My eyebrows have a mind of their own🙈 The one grows upwards and the other one tends to grow to the side . This brow kit will really help tame them and make them look the best they should 😁

  46. Zelmarie Beselaar says:

    I have very wayward little brow hairs, and if I pluck or thread them, there will be absolutely nothing left of my sparse eyebrows! Ready, set, brow! will definitely take care of them and make them something to be proud of!
    Love the blog post!

  47. Mishka Singh says:

    Such a huge benebabe and a fan of Kandy Kane make up.. Simply love benefit. Crossing fingers and well done on the great blogging!

  48. Carmen says:

    I have thick eyebrows, and I do love filling them in, but I always feel like it’s top dark. I’m really excited to see some brow products that will suit any type of brows. 💄

  49. Jacquellen says:

    My brows definitely need some loving, I’ve always wanted clearly defined & perfectly shades brows but I can never find good products, I feel like this is the key to my brow success. Please make my life 😀

  50. ElismaStrydom says:

    This brow set will be amazing! My biggest brow dilemma is how they never look identical… Ugh. But i’m 100% sure this product can solve any brow dilemma. Excited! ♡

  51. Taylor Leicher says:

    I would absolutely love to win this, I’m currently studying Make-up Artistry and Prosthetics and this will amazing to add to my growing Kit😁💋 thank you for always being so inspirational xxx

  52. Enid says:

    Love this Blog…
    Aim starting to love make up after following U and watching videos and reading your blogs, the weird thing is aim turning 30 and the closest I have come to wearing makeup is when we had functions… so weird, but know aim so inspired I want to start wearing it more and brows never noticed them but know… o Hellos, BROWS my old friend…. hope to win it…

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