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While brainstorming a bit about what blogposts to do, I came up with the most amazing idea ever (well that’s just my opinion). I decided to dedicate a colour swatch card to every month and then choosing some items I love to match up with the colour of the swatches by also writing a short description of the product. I would love to do this post monthly if you guys like it. So please remember to tell me down below if you do!

So let’s jump into the first Colour Stash Collection for April!

Because we are in the middle of Autumn. I chose the above shades because they really remind me of the autumn leafs. Some are still green and holding on for life. Where others are making its way to the ground to feed the soil of the earth… What a beautiful time it is.

IMG_1976 copy

CATRICE Absolute Eye Colour – Popeye’s Daily Dose 

I couldn’t have given this eyeshadow a better name… it really does remind me of spinach (yummmm). I love using this shade on my lower lash line and smoking it out to give it a bit more of a dramatic feel. I think this colour would look amazing on someone with brown eyes.

IMG_1988 copy

Creative Glamour Pigment in Olive (

Some people might never grab for an olive green shade ever. But I love using liquid to create a pigmented eyeliner just to add an extra pop to my makeup look. Creative Glamour also has a wide collection of pigments that are super shimmery and last forever. PS They have amazing discounts at Pro Beauty. So remember to visit their stand.

IMG_1999 copy

MAC Technakohl liner in Risque – R220

Everyone loves a good nude shade. And this baby right here is the ultimate for opening my eyes when I feel tired. I apply this to my waterline and it gives the illusion of wide open eyes, also making the rest of your makeup pop.

IMG_2010 copy

CATRICE Sun Glow – Golden Light R89,95

I didn’t swatch this colour as you can barely see it on my hand. But it is the perfect shade bronzer just to add a bit more of a natural sun kissed glow to your face. It’s not overpowering or too shimmery, and lately I have been grabbing this every single day. Since it is getting a bit colder, you don’t want to overdo your bronzer as it will just seen too unnatural for the season we’re in. The Sun Glow Bronzer blends easily, and that is why I would also recommend this to any beginner bronzeés out there 😉

IMG_2021 copy

Kandy Kane Gold Digger Makeup Brush set – R600 (click here to buy it)

Of course I would link the dark brown swatch to my gorgeous new Rose Gold collection called Gold Digger. This is the perfect 12 piece shadow set for any makeup lover or beginner. The chocolate brown zip pouch can either keep your brushes safe while travelling, or you can pop it in your handbag with a small mirror and your touch up makeup inside.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comment section below if you would definitely like to see this every month, and also let me know which of these 5 products you would add to your wish-list?

Have a great day. Until next time, stay sweet xxx

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