Colourpop is Amazing!

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You have probably seen my awesome white liner makeup tutorial (if not click here) where I talk about the few Colourpop Cosmetics I am using in the video. Those were just a few things I got to try them out. But needless to say, I have fallen head over heels for this brand. I feel like I just want to build up my client kit with this amazing makeup brand.


So I ordered more, and I do plan on ordering more… because well…. pigmented, great colour pay off and long lasting at an amazing price tag, what else could you ask for? So I decided to share it with you guys… names, swatches and prices, so you can also purchase some of these, should you feel the need to once the bug bites you!


I love the fact that you open such a boring white box and suddenly BOOM! It’s just colour on the inside with all the beautiful products neatly packaged and safely wrapped. But don’t forget the personal thank you card. It is very cute, and I feel valued when a brand does all these small things to add a personal touch to your parcel… this is also a reason why I would like to purchase from them again in the near future… :)



Anyways, enough of the chit chat… lets see some swatches baby!

I had to get a good variety of eyeshadows, and I kid you not, while swatching these, I kept saying “ooh” “aaaah” and trying to remove them from my hand was a bit of a mission, which impressed me. It means that you know this shadow will stick where you want it to stay!

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This is called the Blitz Collection. Retailing at 25USD containing 6 shadows:

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Each shadow fits tightly in it’s own pocket, making it easy for you to travel with them.

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Then you can also purchase eyeshadows separately at 5USD (everything from matte, pearlised and metallic to pressed pigments)

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I can’t wait to use that Ibiza colour!

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Then their cheek products (blush, highlighters and bronsers) go for 8USD

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Avalon seemed a bit darker than what I expected, but I tried it on my cheek and it was quite pretty!

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Then the Ultra Matte Lipgloss is life guys! #inlove

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They are so gorgeous and retailing at only 6USD, it’s literally a steal!

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If you are still wondering how to order makeup from America…. you just sign up for Aramex Global Shopper… and you can shop and ship almost anywhere in the world! A lot of bloggers have posted blogs on this, but if you guys want me to do a more in depth one on buying products from America, leave a comment down below and then I will …

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14 thoughts on “Colourpop is Amazing!

  1. Cassandra says:

    Great Blog Post Doll!!

    Id love it if you could post a in depth article as to how you ship it over and prices etc just so we know exactly what to expect.

  2. RIA says:

    Kandy can’t you please do a more in depth video about Aramex please. Thank you. Love you videos and blog. Can’t wait to buy your new brushes and try them out πŸ’‹. So excited πŸ˜‰πŸ’‹πŸ˜

  3. Annique says:

    Bsie geluk Dolla! Jou nuwe web blad lyk stunning!!! Doen asb n video oor Amerex… Ook so opgewonfe om n bestelling in te sit vir jou nuwe brushes! My verjaarsdag is weer om die draai 😊! πŸ’‹πŸ’„β™₯️

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