How to get a free authentic MAC lipstick.

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MAC has always been known as the “go-to” brand when it comes to makeup artists. It has always been the safer option, because the clients especially the brides would think you are a great makeup artist if you use MAC. It’s a well known brand, with a reputation that follows through to the artist using the products.

So when I officially started doing more weddings, I started investing into a lot of MAC products. Up until today… I still LOVE their Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, I have been using it for 7 years now. And Apart from my love for their bronzers, highlighters and brow products, I have a MAC lipstick Addiction.

I wouldn’t say that I collect them… well… maybe just a little… the 53 lipsticks I do have from MAC is like my museum for lips. And the best thing is that some of them, I got for free… yep… and so can you! 😉

So, if you didn’t know… I will tell you how. It’s quite simple, they call it “Back to MAC

If you love MAC, and you always purchase your foundations, lipsticks, powders or whatever from them. You should try and NOT throw away your empties… Back to MAC is basically all about taking your empties… well… back to MAC! 6 Empty MAC containers score a free lipstick for you. BHAM! Just like that!

mac bag

I know it can also be time consuming, waiting for your little bag to fill up so you can run to MAC and claim your free prize. But I think it’s awesome that they give you something in return. Honestly I also think they want everyone to bring back the containers to prevent fraudulent activities, like for instants fill up your fix plus with normal water and sell it to someone else as a MAC product.

We all know that there are many fakes out there. People who try and rip you off. So I always recommend going to a MAC store in a mall, or centre, this way you are also guaranteed a free lipstick from time to time, and who says no to that? :)

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2 thoughts on “How to get a free authentic MAC lipstick.

  1. RIA says:

    Thank you for the tip Kandy, my only question is I have no idea where in South Africa The Mac stores is. Your a beautiful and Fabulous person. Absolutely love your blog and makeup brushes and You Tube channel. 😍😘.

    • Kandy Kane says:

      Aw thank you :) xxxx theres a few here in Gauteng… The ones I know if is

      The Glen shopping Centre (stand alone)
      sandton Shopping centre (stand alone and edgars)
      bedford centre (stand alone)
      Eastgate (edgars)
      PTA Kollenade Centre (edgars)
      Menlyn Mall PTa (edgars)

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