How to look better NAKED : All the juicy info right here ;)


That SMS: “Send me a NAKED pic” can make any girl break out into a sweat. But grrrrrrrl! Have I got some great advise for you today!



Urban Decay has come to the rescue with a brand new palette, and now your next NAKED pic is just a snap away with this bad boy by your side, because #youlookbetternaked & every woman deserves to feel confident! Introducing the Urban Decay NAKED Ultimate Basics:




Yeap! Can we all just jump with excitement, as the long waited for all matte eyeshadow palette has finally hit the South African faces! This palette is loaded with 12 brand new shades (say WHAT?!)

Urban Decay has hit everyone out of the ball park with this one, really satisfying everyone who requested more matte shades (can I just add that I was one of those people longing for the perfect matte deep plum, which I could find no where as it was either too shimmery or too purply)



The UD Ultimate Basics is the perfect piece of investment. The shades range from cool to warm, but is also neutral enough to compliment any skin tone and can also be incorporated with your other popping UD colours to really pump up the volume on the edginess of your look. As always Urban Decay delivers pigmented, buttery, creamy, blendable and long lasting formulas that will keep you mattified all day long babe! They call it their Pigment Infusion System! I love it! It sounds like a serious secret formula, but this is really what guarantees you the velvet texture, popping colour, blendability and a stay all day game that is strong.




Looking at some shades that really are unique: Blow is a demi-matte shade, so this one can also be used for highlighting. Instinct is also the perfect matte mauve shade, great for the lid area! And to pin point my absolute obession shades, I’d have to go with Lethal (that plum I needed to complete my makeup life!) and Extra Bitter – a reddish brown, and the Queen of creating the perfect warm toned transition for dramatic looks!



So where can you get hold of this gorgeous gold case must have for this Summer?

It can be purchased at the Urban Decay store in Sandton for R850

And for those who love online shopping, or you are not in JHB? They got you covered too!!!!

CLICK HERE to order your NAKED Ultimate Basics online!

WARNING: Please do NOT buy this any where else, as there as so many people selling fakes out there… rather buy directly from the brand then you know you have the real deal!


So, not only did I just deliver this amazing news! But I am also providing you with an every day makeup look using this palette. No liner, No fancy tricks, just getting NAKED my girl!


Here is what I did:

  • Use a little amount of Extra Bitter on a blending brush and create your transition shade by blending into the crease using wind shield wiper motions. Also add this to your lower lash line, dragging it down a little bit more for a smoky effect
  • Use Blow on a flat shader brush to highlight the inner corner of the eye as well as the brow bone.
  • Now you can add Instinct on your lid with a shader brush as well
  • For the outer corner, take a pencil brush and pick up Lethal, place that carefully on the outer V area, then pick up a small blending brush and blend to smoke it out.
  • Take that same pencil brush and add Lethal to the lower lash line to darken the look a little bit.
  • Last step is to warm it up a bit more, so just add a little bit more of the Extra Bitter with your blending brush, by blending the edges of this look.


And there you have it! A quick and easy every day makeup look. Now snap that pic girl, because #youlookbetternaked


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Kandy Kane

3 thoughts on “How to look better NAKED : All the juicy info right here ;)

  1. Joslyn Jade Christie says:

    This is the ULTIMATE and all-encompassing make-up essential kit for everyone and anyone. Thanks for the review!

  2. Simone says:

    Oh wow I missed this post. I don’t have this palette…I’ll never be able to afford one, but will try this with my other matte eyeshadow. You’re a talented!

  3. Simone says:

    Stunning look and you make it so easy with he detailed instructions! GOING to try this with the mattes I have…as I’m never going to afford urban decay…*sniff*

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