L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks : learn to have fun

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A few years ago if you asked me about skincare, I probably would have said “bluh! Boring products with white packaging and white creams that just takes forever to apply and shows no instant results.”

But today , skincare is a whole different ball game, and L’Oreal Paris surely brought themselves to the game with the new Pure Clay Masks. Where you can #multimask, have #claytime and #instadetox at the same time! Now recently I have been hooked on skincare products that are fun, innovative and affordable as well.

So playing around with the new Pure Clay Masks, I have noticed that not only do you immediately feel and see a result, but in the long run your skin starts showing changes and girl, those are good right? I mean who doesn’t want pure, clean and brighter skin? At the same time you can definitely have some great fun with friends, family, or even by yourself!

I created this video to show you that not only does L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Masks provide you with benefits for your skin, but it gives to the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your friends and family again. Also they teach you how to relax and let loose every once in a while. Let’s have some fun!



I am sure you are wondering “What makes this clay so great? What ingredients are so efficient? and What are the benefits?” Don’t worry. Your girl Kandy has got you covered!

All three of these masks has got the following clays plus then one hero ingredient that sets them apart from each other.

* GHASSOUL – this is a volcanic clay found in Morocco, know for absorbing impurties and also sebum (which is oil in case you wondered).

* MONTMORILLONITE – Eliminated imperfections as well as feeds the skin with minerals

* KAOLIN – Highly concentrated in minerals, also clarifies the complexion


Now looking at your hero ingredients:

Your green mask which is your PURITY MASK, contains green eucalyptus for purifying and mattifying

Your Black mask is the DETOX MASK and that has black charcoal to detoxify and brighten

Your Red mask is your GLOW MASK, known for exfoliating and smoothing the skin with Red Algae


Why do you need all three masks? Well different parts of your face requires different treatment options, because some people might feel like they have an oily t-zone but dry chin for example. With multimasking, you can target those areas all at the same time by just using the different masks on the areas that is needed. As seasons change, our skin can sometimes change as well, and this is what is so unique when it comes to these masks.

I personally really love these masks, and for no more than R150 you get at least 10 uses out of a single container. SCORE!!! Well done L’Oreal. You have surely impressed us…. fun products, pretty packaging, affordable pricing.

Here is another video I did a while ago chatting about how these masks should be used and what I think of them.


Kandy Kane

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