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So I cannot even tell you guys how many times I have packed my bags to travel, sleep over, or even do clients just to get to my destination and realise that I have forgotten one little item that just makes my life so much easier. It’s an irritation. Even though you end up improvising, you wish you had packed that one (or for some of use , five maybe things) and then it irritates you so much that you stop somewhere to buy it, which now also sucks because now you spent money on something you already have.

So. I just had enough of that nonsense and recently I have been working off a check list for packing my makeup. This has really been so helpful, especially when I am running late… and that is normally where you forget a lot of things. So I made this one for you guys so you can also make sure your makeup bag is the least of your worries when it comes to travelling. Leave a comment down below to tell me if you will be using it… I would love to know :)

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