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We all want our makeup to last the whole day. Let’s face it, whipping out your makeup bag to go to the bathroom and touch up your liner, shimmer eyeshadow or blush every hour is definitely not ideal. Luckily there is something like a setting spray, and a lot of brands have been launching their own to keep up with the trend.

So I have been running around buying almost every setting spray putting it to the test. I have also recently decided to gravitate more towards cruelty free products. You know, trying my best to save the bunnies.

When Beauty Fix contacted me to send me more information on their Radiant Make-up finish for , I was really interested in this product for the fact that 1. It’s cruelty free (yay) and 2. the benefits you get from using this product is like everything I’ve always wanted in a setting spray.


So I got my Radiant Make-up Finish and put it to the test. Here is the result:


The setting spray comes beautifully packaged in colourful wrapping and a little information card giving you instructions on how to use the product as well as as a list of the key ingredients. The product itself, is in a stunning milky white opaque bottle with a spray nozzle that distributes the product in a fine mist evenly over the face. When it comes to setting spray nozzles, i feel it’s super important that the nozzle is good quality. You do not want the product to spray more drops than mist and also you want to cover your face evenly with a gracious spray, so yes. A good nozzle is a thumbs up!


The Radiant Make-up Finish is really so lightweight. I feel like the product is not tacky or oily at all, but truly as they say: hydrating and nourishing, which means that it is suitable for all skintypes. It contains three main ingredients: Rosewater, Aloe Vera Extract & Cucumber Extract (my favourite). With the blend of these three ingredients, you can just imagine that the fragrance is soft and fresh, which it is.


The Radiant Make-up Finish retails at R299 for a 100ml bottle. This is really in the range of all the high end setting sprays. The amazing thing about Beauty Fix is that they do have benefits for the makeup artist, so if you are a MUA you can contact them with your details and proof of makeup artistry to receive a bit of discount on your product. BONUS! Because we all know how we fly through setting sprays on our clients. It’s like a hairstylist with hairspray! 😉

Click here to go to the website and view stockists


What I love about this product is the fact that it’s a handbag baby. You can use it for everything and anytime:

  • Before applying your makeup (as a lightweight primer)
  • Use on your brush to intensify eyeshadow colours
  • Use on your brush to intensify highlighter application
  • Use after makeup application to lock in your makeup for the day
  • If you want to achieve more of a dewy look, you can also use a few extra mists, this will not only lock in the foundation, but also blend any powder in left on the face, leaving you with a dewy radiant glow.
  • Use throughout the day to refresh and also hydrate.
  • Use it after cleansing off your makeup at the end of the day as a refreshing toner.

So as you can tell I really do like this product a lot. Its beauty without cruelty, lightweight and very versatile. The customer care service I have received is excellent. So I am giving this brand and product a double thumbs up!

Let me know if the comment section down below if you use a setting spray, and what you love about it. Will you ever try this one? :)

Hope you guys have one amazing Monday. I have a feeling this week is going to be great


Kandy Kane

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