Review: Biosense Color Seal Silver Shampoo


Hey guys

I have posted some info here and there on my Facebook page about the Biosense Color Seal Silver Shampoo and loads of you have been asking about it, where you can buy it and how does it work

So not only have I teamed up with the amazing team to bring you a kick-butt giveaway but I am also telling you everything you want to know about this miracle worker for all blondes.


Let’s just start with the retail price. As you know most professional shampoos (sold in salons) retail for anything between R200 and R400. But this one won’t break your budget with an affordable R142, you get 250ml of pure silver magic liquid to transform those warm toned blondes into cool ones.

The entire Color Seal Collection is enriched with Omega 6. It’s also high in anti-oxidants reducing the effect that free radicals can have on color treated hair as well as sun damaged hair.

This nifty shampoo will also give you the benefits of replacing lost moisture in your hair due to the wheat germ oil

Jojoba oil is also present within this product and here’s some interesting benefits:
* It has the similar molecule system as sebum which means that it is accepted by the scalp
* It has antibacterial properties, so it will soothe the scalp and also help with dry scalp conditions
* It hydrates hair from the inside of the hair shaft

So as you can see you get way more than you bargain for. The main reason for buying this shampoo would obviously be for correcting any warm tones within your hair colour.


I love my hair silver and ashy, but as we all know a toner only lasts a few washes. That is why the hair industry has provided us with so many options of silver shampoos. To be honest (because this is why I blog right) I have had blonde hair since I was 17 (had a black hair phase for 1 year) but I have tried every silver shampoo, and I always find myself looking for a new one after mine runs out as every other one is just not strong enough.

I  started using Biosense Silver Shampoo about 3 months ago and since then I managed to keep my blonde insanely cool. The Biosense Shampoo’s acid blue and acid violet is really the magic ingredient, and because they weren’t stingy when creating this formula, it’s strong and effective and I just love it!

So if you also think you need this product in your life…because in actual fact you do…

I have teamed up with them to give 5 lucky winners a Color Seal Silver duo pack (shampoo and spray)

03Giveaway biosense

Here’s the link >click here<  to enter this giveaway…. all rules are also in the status.

Good luck and may the best blondes win :)

Chat soon x


Kandy Kane

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