Selena Gomez Met Gala 2017 Makeup

selena cover 3

Thumbs up if you also loved Selena’s Makeup !

My heart dropped when I saw the picture of Selena Gomez. Her makeup was by far one of the best at this year’s Met Gala.. I think everyone is always so excited to see what everyone is going to wear, do with their hair and of course for me. I sit and wait for those makeup looks baby! We saw a ton of pink tones on the red carpet this year, from subtle pink blushes, to eyes to the crazy pink highlight trend everyone is saying Rihanna has now started. Pink is HOT! Pink is here! Yay!

I looked up Hung’s details on what he did with Selena’s face, and although we cannot all afford Marc Jacob products… I tried to grab as many affordable options as possible to recreate this look. Really hope you guys like it :)

Kandy Kane

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