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I used to never give a flying bat about skincare. A normal ten rand soap was more than good enough for me to wash my “bakkies” and go to bed. But I would say the past year I have been investing more time and money…. um… rather like my whole bank account into trying some good skin care products. I have recently been obsessed with facial oils as well. So when Jean d’Avèze asked me if they could send me some products to try, I was obviously excited to try this high end brand.

A little bit more about this brand:

JDA was established in 1953, and is now distributed in over 50 countries. But the interesting thing about this brand is that it started out as a famous cream used in the burn units of French hospitals for its healing, regenerating and moisturising properties. Today it’s a successful skin care brand. If that does not convince you to try this brand, I don’t know what will.

What I love about it being here in SA, is the fact that you can buy it right off the web. *Online shopping click* “YAY!”


So here are my thoughts on the products I tried out:




150ml product

Price : R440

Key Ingredients: Iris root extract, Zinc salt, Vitamin A & E Salicylic Acid, Glycerol, Calophyllum Oil, Hyaluronic Acid.

This product is mainly for Oily and Acne prone skin and even though I don’t even fit that criteria,the reason I love a deep cleansing face wash is because I always wear a lot of makeup and this one really cleanses your face, tighten your pores and keeps your completion clear. You can use this face wash in the morning and evening and the cool thing about this product is that it comes with a convenient pump that distributes the product as a foam, making it so much easier to just apply to the face as it emulsifies immediately. It makes my skin feels smooth, clean and hydrated at the same time. I must say that it can take a little bit more convincing to pay R440 for a cleansing product. But if you struggle with oily skin, this product is actually just what you have been waiting for your whole life and one bottle will last you about 3 months. You also have the option of buying a smaller size (50ml) for R245 which will last you a month if you just want to try it out.




50ml product

Price: R885

Key Ingredients: Glycerine & beewax, Horse chestnut & red wine.

With Repair Complex CLR technology, this complex fights skin-aging and protects your skin against external aggression. It nourishes and protects as well as adds radiance. This product has a very weird texture as it’s not a liquid cream but more of a whipped formula that is pretty light weight when you apply it to your face, I have to say that it does take a while to be absorbed into the skin. So I would advise to do your skin care routine and keep yourself busy with a few other things before starting with your makeup. You only need a tiny amount, that is the thing with these high end products. A little goes a very long way and that is why your rand seems to be stretched when purchasing one of these products.


Let me know if you use any high end products, and if so, what brand and what product? I would love to hear your thoughts on skin care. :)

To check out the whole range, you can click here. The website is super user friendly and they reply to mails asap in case you have any other questions or so :)




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