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Detox, Banting, Crossfit, Fun Runs and who knows what else. The market is exploding with products and programmes to help you loose weight and make your soul feel good.

The Skinny Brew team sent me a mail asking to try out their 14 Day Teatox Tea last year. I was never really a tea drinker… but I thought I would give it a go.

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I was rather surprised with their great service, next day deliver and they sent me loads of info and replied to all my questions I had swiftly.

Here is what they claim:

* healthy weight-loss
* calorie burning
* boost metabolism
* cleansing
* detoxification
* appetite suppression
* increased energy levels

At the time I was working extremely hard (7 full days a week) and I was exhausted. I was also exercising and eating healthier already even before starting this… But my main goal was hoping to feel more energised because I really needed it.

To my surprise not only did I sleep better, woke up feeling ready for the day, but I also lost 2 extra kilograms in the 2 weeks of using it, which was quite a bonus.

The taste is very similar to green tea… I also added some honey (just a little bit) for a sweeter taste. I would drink it right before going to bed, so the honey was dream worthy!

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Skinny Brew is a 100% Natural and Organic Tea that is proudly South African. They really focus on promoting not only good health but also contribute a bunch of benefits to every day living.

I would highly recommend this brand. They are friendly, affordable and effective!

There are two options you can choose from:
the 14 Day Teatox R150
and the 28 day Teatox R300

Feel free to contact them here: or you can visit the website and even shop online :) BONUS!

Happy Teatoxing Beauties… We especially need this after the Festive Season (well at least I do) ♥︎


Kandy Kane

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