Taking the plunge


We all have those days. The day you feel like throwing all your papers in the air and shouting “I QUIT!” . But its not long after, that your brain gets swamped with all the risks and worries of those bills you need to pay, and you realize that maybe that is not such a good idea.

But today I did just that! Okay maybe not as dramatically, but I decided to quit my day job and pursue my dream. For most of us, it’s not a decision you make lightly. For me… well I pondered about this for 2 months before taking the plunge.

I am very excited to be taking on this new challenge in my life… I have so many things planned. Apart from my online shop, YouTube Channel and Freelancing Makeup and Hair… I am VERY excited to announce that I will be opening a small makeover studio… in the East Rand.


The Kandy Kane Makeover Studio will be a place for me to escape and spoil all my clients… from lovely hair treatments, scalp massages and voluminous blow outs to makeup touch ups and gel overlays. I want to create a funky space where I could host clients and spoil them with creamy cappuccinos or champagne. Entertain small pamper parties, and intimate workshops…

I have received great support from everyone on my page. All my clients, my family, my boyfriend and close friends. And I believe that you are the strength behind all of this drive in me, and that this will be a huge success.

As much as I am nervous about everything, I am also very excited and optimistic!

Thank you all for your great love and support always. I love every single one of you…

Let me know in the comment box down below if you would ever come visit me once my studio is up and running :) and if yes. What would you have done? Hair, makeup or nails :)

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23 thoughts on “Taking the plunge

  1. RIA says:

    Hey Kandy

    Just wanted to say first and foremost congratulations. This must have been a difficult choice to make all my love to you, just know your going to make it big 😘.

    When the studio is up and running, I will definitely be visiting. Really want to meet you in person.. 😘
    When the studio is open I would be interested in makeup, hare and nails please.

    Your a fabulous person 😉🌸

  2. Joezane says:

    I’d love a mini makeover and I would definitely come to u for hair and nails and maybe a makeup course and of course some bubbly… Best of luck on this new journey u will rock it #kandykaneadmirer Hehe

  3. Melanie says:

    Yay! Baie geluk mooie meisie! En sterkte met jou nuwe avontuur :) Sal BESLIS kom inloer vir bietjie pamperlang. Grimering en hare vir my vierde jaar formele bal sal awesome wees! :) xx

  4. Jade says:

    Very courageous decision ! It’s always a good idea to take chances otherwise u will always wonder what could’ve happened?!! Amazing I will be there everyday 🌸😋😆

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