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So within one day of announcing the Carli Bybel palette on my website, it sold out! At that time I havn’t even touched mine because I first wanted to take photos for my blog. Swatching them, I could understand why everyone was raving about it.


If you do not know Carli Bybel. Better Google her right now. Since I started my channel she has always been my inspiration. I look up to her as a YouTuber, a makeup artist and just the fact that she condones inner beauty and paying it forward. I absolutely love her!

So she collaborated with BH Cosmetics to create this stunning, pigmented eyeshadow and highlighter palette with warm and cool toned matte and shimmer shades. Perfect to create anything from a natural everyday to a dramatic night out in the town makeup look. And yes! I used my leg as a swatching palette for the highlighters and my sister’s arm for the eyeshadows. haha. It was hot today, and the veins in my hands really popped, so the photos looked terrible, hence I took a plan of action to get some decent swatches for my blog :)


You can use the highlighters on both your face or your eyes, making this palette super versatile. And for those who are all for Cruelty Free Products, this product is not only that but Vegan, Paraben Free and Clinically Tested as well.


I am really impressed by the quality of this product. I mean over all, BH cosmetics always delivers when it comes to price and quality. But this palette sets the bar really high, and that is why I decided to stock it in my online store. It will be in stock again soon… Click Here to shop the Carli Bybel Palette.


Kandy Kane

2 thoughts on “The Carli Bybel Palette – Swatches

  1. Allison says:

    So glad I got my hands on one! It arrived today! Thanks Kandy Kane, I am in love!!! What a stunning palette and the products are soooo pigmented!! Worth every penny!

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