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I mean, let’s face it, we are always on the hunt for the latest, new thing. And to be honest, stumbling upon this brand was actually by accident. But boi! Was it worth it.

Last week I was making my way back to my car after seeing a client when I passed this interesting makeup boutique (i call it that, because, well… check the pic below) in Sandton City. Obviously I had to go check it out, thinking I might just pass out when I see the price.





The shock actually came whén looking at the price, because I expected a pigment to cost more than R300 maybe? And this brand’s range of pigments were all R99 each! Say WHAT?

The Clerk (Hey KB my girl!) was so sweet, helpful and friendly. Obviously I was impressed and decided that I cannot leave without buying a few things just to try it out at least.

I ended up settling for the 3 products below, but first I just quickly want to introduce the brand.

Cipria is an Italian Makeup Brand that really offers you anything from hair and skincare to nails and fragrances and then makeup of course. In South Africa they have 3 stores: Cape Town (Cape Gate Shopping Centre) , Johannesburg (Sandton City) and they are opening one now in the new Mall of Africa (opening end April 2016)

They have a wide range of colours to choose from with each product and I am sure anyone will be able to find something that they love. And at an affordable price, you can expect great quality

So let’s have a look at the products I got:


Cipria Milano Lipstick No204 – R79,99 (DEAD GIVEAWAY!!!!)

I mean where can you buy a high end lipstick for that price now a days. What makes this one so great is the fact that it’s an opaque matte lipstick that glides on easily. It’s buttery formula also provides long lasting moisturising properties. And this shade is just the perfect nude for me. #inlove

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Cipria Eyeshadow All Over No561 – R129,99

Guys…. this photo just does NOT do justice to this gorgeous shade. In the pan it’s white, but when you swatch… an iridescent blue sheen just wins over your heart. Highly pigmented, creamy and easy blend-ability. I am not sure yet how I am going to use this one… maybe an inner corner highlight or a bright pop on the lid… we’ll see :)

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Cipria Milano 4 Tasello Eyes No 1 – R169,00

Although this is an eyeshadow quad, I plan on using these four eyeshadows rather as highlighters. The sheer frosty shades blend easily and will definitely give you anything from Highlight Slaying to Dewy Freshness. Your choice!

But wait! There’s more… This is a great quality brand, at a low cost, so you would think that they already offer you so much, you cannot expect more?

>Buzzerrrrr< Wrong!

They ALSO offer a loyalty programme. Every time you spend R600 (with every purchase accumulating to that amount) you receive 1 of any of the following products of your choice for FREE! Lipstick, Nail Polish, Cipria / Orlea Shampoo or a Glamorous Gold Lipsgloss.Yap… You can thank me later, but first… go grab your car keys. You’ve got some shopping to do!

What do you think of this brand and their price tag? Would you buy from them? And if so… tell me what you would like in the comment section below.

Until our next chat. Stay sweet! ❤︎

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3 thoughts on “The new brand on the block

  1. Simone Cameron says:

    Oh wow, this looks amazing! I’d assume from the look of the place that it would be expensive. So refreshing to find good quality and affordable make up. Pity it’s not available in PE :( Do they have an online store?

    • Kandy Kane says:

      I looked up their website and it says under construction so I am afraid not… but! Maybe if you have a family member in JHB they could go there and facetime you while swatching so you can decide what you want and they c an ship it for you…. theres always a way hehe :)

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