Very Afrikaans Husband does my voice over


You guys asked for it, so here it is… hahaha. My Husband, Kevin is such a sport when it comes to things like these and I am really just so lucky to have someone that is so willing, fun and a person that can make any one laugh on their off day.

Kevin has such a great personality, and he can get a long with anyone even if he just knows you for 1 hours. He cracks jokes, and is a pun freak! People tend to love him within the first few minutes of having a conversation with him.

You have probably seen him in my Boyfriend does my makeup challenge… If not… I will link it down below for you to have a look before watching the Husband does my voice over challenge:

So then the Husband / boyfriend does my voice over challenge started doing it’s rounds and once again Kevin was willing do jump right in and take part in this fun video… So I hope you guys enjoy it!

Kandy Kane

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