What I got myself for Christmas 2015


Hey guys. Welcome to another blogpost.

Today I will be sharing my Christmas gifts with you all. I know it’s a bit early for gifts already but every year I buy myself a “christmas gift” first before I spend all my money… and this time around I thought I’d show you what I got :)


So I actually buy myself makeup all the time, but then there’s one expensive gift that normally counts as THEE one… so here we only have two of the Merry Berry collection items from Essence. I actually love the scented Gold Dust, the packaging is very attractive but it also gives you that nice bronzy glow (R67,50) and the Highlighting Powder is very light and subtle (R63.50)


When I saw the Bourjois Lash Machine, I knew I had to buy it to try it out, and it’s quite nice (R134,95) So what you would do is use your normal mascara, then your 2nd coat would be the Lash Machine (purely consists out of volumising fibres) finish with another coat of mascara and VOILA. Voluminous Lashes.


So this is THEE one. I am a Paco Rabanne fan and this new fragrance is absolutely phenomenal. I used Katy Perry’s Killer Queen for the past 2 years, but decided to switch it up a bit. (I’m not one of those girls who buy 10 different perfumes and decide which one I want to use today. I like commitment #lol ) So it was quite a big step for me commit to this perfume but I am absolutely satisfied with it. This lovely Christmas box retails at R925 and you get a 50ml Perfume with Hand Lotion as well.


I suck at explaining perfumes, so I am not even going to bluff… Here’s a quote straight from fragrantica.com

Paco Rabanne launches a new feminine fragrance in August 2015 under the mythical name of Olympéa. Olympéa represents the equivalent of the masculine edition Invictus from 2013, inspired by the athletic spirit, competition and victory.

The concept is based on the idea of a modern Greek goddess and evokes strength, dynamism and conquests. The perfume is developed by Loc Dong and Anne Flipo. Its both salty and floral compositions is characterized as fresh oriental, opening with sparkling green mandarin, aquatic notes of water jasmine and fiery ginger lily, with salted vanilla in the heart. The base notes are sandalwood, cashmere and ambergris.”

All I can say is if you want your boyfriend to spoil you perhaps? Drag him to the Cosmetic Stores so you can choose from a variety of Christmas Packs.

Merry Early Christmas???? :)

Chat soon x


Kandy Kane

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