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I think it’s every lady’s dream to have long lashes. Somehow it’s always been men who stood first in line when it comes to that, and honestly? Why do they even have lashes, it’s not like they use them to impress us. LOL. Women on the other hand use serums, and lengthening mascaras, and fibres to flutter those butterflies on our eyes. The longer en curlier, the better. So now we all know that you also have the option of lash extensions, a very popular trend the past 3 years.

Lashed by LDV (click here for FB page) invited me to come and try out a set of lash extensions. I was very weary because I have had a bad experience when i was 19, and I drove her crazy with all the questions. I thought about doing a blogpost about it, because I am sure a lot of you also have questions, and there are definitely a few things you should know before considering lash extensions.


There are so many options you can choose from. An A to D Curl… And for every curl there is also different lengths to choose from. You can also decide if want to only lash one lash with one lash or one lash with 6 lashes (fuller look). I think it is also important to ask where the “Lasher” has done her training. It’s very important to know because you trust that person with your eyes.

Lizelle trained with Vogue Lashes. She also only uses their product. She has obtained her Beginner and Advance Certificate, both being an International Certificate from Lash Inc. So I already felt at ease trusting her with my lashes. She offers 3 different options you can choose from. I had the Hollywood Volume done (Photo at the top of the page)

Single Lashes (1 lash per natural lash) R450

Light Volume (2-3 lashes per natural lash) R550

Hollywood Volume (4-6 lashes per natural lash) R600

I was very happy with the result. It was done beautifully, and looked so pretty just with plain makeup. It kind of made me lazy when doing makeup because it would just look perfect with a little eyeshadow, which I think is perfect for the morning snoozer. It makes it quick and easy to get ready when going somewhere.


Here’s a few important things you should know before considering lash extensions:

You cannot sleep on your face (on your stomach) because this will put pressure on the lashes and will cause them to fall out quicker

You cannot really use mascara on them

You can’s use any oil-based products close to your eyes (so no night oil serums, or lash serums, or some makeup removers)

You have to fill every 2nd or 3rd week to keep them looking full and perfect

You have to brush them every morning and throughout the day to keep them from poking all over the show

If you struggle with sinuses, just be aware because it might irritate your eyes even more

If you have a tendency to twitch your eyes a lot, it might be difficult to get lashed. Lizelle puts a little gel pad down onto your lower lashes to prevent them from being glued with the top lash. If you open or twitch your eyes, the lower lashes might pop up and get stuck between your top lashes.


Here’s a few reasons why you SHOULD get lash extensions:

You can wake up every morning looking perfect already

Flutter long lashes all day long

Every makeup look you do has that WOW factor because of the lashes

They are comfortable and almost feel like your own lashes

They are soft silk lashes (animal-cruelty free)

No more spending loads of money on mascaras that don’t work

You feel more confident without any makeup


If you are interested in getting your lashes done. I highly recommend Lizelle from Lashed by LDV 079 071 6329


If you have any questions, you can just comment down below and I will answer them as soon as possible :)

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