Why Freddy Jeans?


Hey my loves. Thank you for popping in, and today I hope to change your life with a product that absolutely changed mine…. Freddy Jeans


I remember the first time I saw a Freddy Jean. Stanley 44. JHB. I was just admiring the cut and wondering how something so simple could be so beautiful. Yet, I didn’t even know that simplicity is just not the thing when it comes to one of these pants. Freddy aims to please with their extraordinary technology called WR.UP® . Strategic seams and tailoring devices supports and reshapes your booty and hips, enhancing your beautiful curves naturally. Now show me a woman who would ever say no to that!

Since then, Freddy has become not only the average woman’s fave pair of pants to wear but also a Fit Girl’s go to fashion item. I bought my first pair a year after I saw it for the first time. The lady at Bryanston Freddy Store was so accommodating and helpful and friendly. You feel like a celeb while shopping for the perfect fit… well everything fits perfectly actually!

I always promise everyone that once you wear a Freddy, you would never go back, and I truly feel like that! I don’t wear my other jeans as often as I use to, my Freddy just really hugs my body and makes me feel sexy and confident. All though it comes at a high price tag, it is worth every single cent! (but the website has amazing sales from time to time to accommodate your budget)


So with that being said, now you know what a Freddy is, and why it’s so amazing… I was lucky enough to have been invited as a VIP to the launch of their new Winter Collection. and ooooooh…. I just had to control myself… I ended up buying a black Freddy because I really wanted a black pants to wear for work etc…. but Im still eyeing that Summery White and Palm Tree Freddy!


IMG_3358 IMG_3398

Apart from showing off their beautiful new collection, they really spoiled us to bits, with bubbly and a juice bar to Makeup Touch ups and a Nail Bar station:














And not to mention the AMAZING goodie bag we received… Im so stoked by the awesome gifts we received ! And I would like to send out a special thank you to all the following brands for the lovely items:


Freddy : WRUP DressIMG_1789

ECN.co.za : Nail File and Hand Cream

Fox Box.co.za : Manicure


Biosense: Hot Oil

Tigi : Matte Seperation wax

USN: B4 Burn Preworkout

Imaanlipbalm : Lip Balm

Nicadellz : Necklace

Stage Line : Mascara

The Conscious Confectioners : Sugar, grain and dairy free brownie (OH MY WORD! Best I have ever tasted) + Protein Bar

Shiroko – Charm

Atkins – Milk Chocolate low in sugar.


A Big thank you to Freddy for the lovely spoils… It makes me super proud to say I am a Freddy Girl




If you are interested in any of the Freddy products…. >Click here< to view all the items on their website. You can even shop online (Bonus), but I promise you… You would want to visit a store, because the service is so amazing!

Till next time xoxo

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